February 19th 2018,  VILC  News
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The latest Easynews bulletin is hot off the presses with a range of news items. We cover the return of Hakeem Al-Araibi from Thailand and have a story of another Manus refugee winning and award.

Have you noticed that there aren't as many insects around? Could this threaten life on Earth?

Just some of the stories this week

The next  Easynews bulletin will roll hot off the presses on March 4th. 

Easynews 2019 -- are listening activities produced by AMES Australia and SBS.
  •  Does the disappearance of insects threaten life on earth?
  • World Health Organization warns measles numbers are increasing

  • Refugee footballer freed from Thai jail
  • Manus Island refugee wins award
  • Indigenous All Stars captain wants a referendum on Australia‚Äôs national anthem, and
  • New laws needed to stop dowry abuse

Temperatures seem to have become comfortable and Autumn feels like it's around the corner.

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